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Carpenter Road/Path - 1950

Posted: Wednesday 12th August 2020

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Frame23 ¾" (Carpenter often built to quarters). 531 Double-Butted Tubing. Lugs hand-cut from 'Oscar Egg' pressed steel blanks. Cast twin-plate crown and round blades.>
WheelsHarden L/F double-Fixed on Dunlop Stainless Special Lightweight 27 x 1 1/4" rims
ChainsetWilliams C.1200 chainset, Bayliss Wiley BB set, Renold 1/8" chain
PedalsLyotard 'Faucheaux' pedals, Catos clips, Allez straps
GearsSingle-speed, Bayliss Wiley freewheel (Villiers fixed sprocket on opp. side)
BrakesGB Coureur (early type with 'wrap-around' spring) and matching early GB levers
Stem/BarsKint Maes/Titan. Cotton tape with Velox rubber plugs
HeadsetBrampton 'Alatet' headset
SaddleBrooks Flyer on Strata alloy pin, Brampton seat-binder bolt
Extra detailsAlloy TT bell, Brooks bag, Hobbs 'H' Lytaloy short mudguards, Coloral wire bottle cage, Zefal pump .
Image showing the finely-cut head lugs and fork crown.

Originally built for Jim Cooling of Crusader C.C. (and later Westerley C.C.) Jim. Cooling was a prominent track rider in the early fifties. He also time trialled and took part in club runs on this frame-set. Restored 2004/5.

An unusual feature is that it is definitely a Road-Path (two brake drillings and ‘guard clearance), but was built without ‘guard eyes. It has 5/16ths” slots in the rear ends – and therefore will only accept hubs with flats on the spindle, such as Hardens.

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Posted: Wednesday 12th August 2020

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