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Peter on Bates Vegrandis and Patricia on her Hetchins Swallow. Photo by Horst.
The Classic Lightweights UK Story

The site was created by Peter Underwood in 2006 as a resource for a few friends to share stories, memories and photos. Nobody imagined how the site would grow to become the definitive resource for classic British bicycles and their history. Peter and his wife Patricia’s stewardship of the site has been remarkable and highly valued by its large global readership. Management of the site was taken over by Chater-Lea in 2020 who undertook a comprehensive redesign and rebuild to enable future generations to continue to enjoy. Learn more here.

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Vol. 2, Issue 89 - September / October 2020

These editions of Lightweight News are rather light on lightweight news as so much is in abeyance these days.  To provide some reading material I am selecting items from the website which I think you may have missed.

Vol. 2, Issue 88 – July / August 2020

Who could have imagined that in the Spring of this year that the whole world of cycling as we know, or knew it, would be turned so completely upside down along with all other aspects of life?

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