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Through our site Patricia and I would like to share our enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, classic lightweight cycles, particularly those built in Britain and Italy. Contributions from other lightweight enthusiasts are welcome, including images of machines or components of particular interest.

We are interested in collecting information on UK builders of classic frames, loosely described as frames which could be built to a customer's own specification. We don't have the capacity to include the larger mass-production builders of lightweights, although in a few cases we have included special examples of a builder's production as an example. Our cut-off date is around mid-1970 although we have included a few which have a direct historical link back to the period we cover.

The Readers' Bikes section is there as a guide to owners wishing for advice on components for a period-correct restoration so we ask that submissions are period correct.  Peter Underwood, email: peter.underwood(at)tesco.net

Please note that I am not able to give advice on restoring bikes, provide any form of valuation, or to identity 'finds'. If you are unable to find the information you need on this site please try some of the other sites listed under Links.  

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While doing research for the Horn brothers entries on this website I became aware that Dennis Horn had been a hero for the generation I was riding with in the early 1950s. Most were older than me as they had been riding pre-war and I think some had bikes that Dennis had ridden in his heyday.  As I did more and more research I began to visualise a book describing Dennis's feats in the decade or so before WWII and I am taking the liberty of promoting the resulting book which is being published by Adrian Bell of Mousehold Press.

Dennis Horn – racing for an English Rose by Peter Underwood is available from: www.mousehold-press.co.uk :

F.Sharrock Leek C.C on Claud Butler

 F.Sharrock Leek C.C on Claud Butler road frame in the era when pumps were positioned below down tube;
riding time trial with large single chainring. Frame built with no braze-ons.

(Image Mick Butler)



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Readers' Bikes: A beautifully restored 1954 Ephgrave No. 1 owned by Alan Woods
Italian Classics: After a recent visit  to the Italian Legend Bicycle Museum in Pesaro, Italy, we realised that our Italian content was spread around the site.  We have drawn it together now under Italian Classics although the originals remain where they were
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Nelson Cycle Co. by Bryan Clarke
We have returned from a two-week cycling holiday in Bavaria on  Bodensee and the hills of the Allgau, our first offering is:
Lightweight Extras: Eastern bloc international competitive cycling in the Cold War by Geoff Waters
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Classic Builders:
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Readers' Bikes: In this case a Readers' Frame as it is a very special 1962 W B Hurlow
owned by Emanuel Lowi
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Lightweight Extras: The 1952 British Track Team in South Africa - prelude to the Helsinki Olympics by Geoff Waters
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Classic Lightweight News: Edition 46. July-August 2013 has been published on the website
We have returned from a two-week holiday cycling in Italy and our first offering (in Lightweight Extras)  is Sculptured in Steel: The three historic lightweight frame designs and beyond by Geoff Waters. 
Readers' Bikes: An interesting 1967 Holdsworth Italia Professional (with history) from Kelvin Pawsey
Readers' Bikes: Bob Johnson's 1959 Cinelli Super Corsa with the rare TA Criterium chainset with wedge axle
Readers' Bikes: a 1961 Jensen belonging to Philip Amadeus, built for this year's L'Eroica
Readers' Bikes: The thoroughly researched and documented restoration of a 1972 Cinelli Speciale Corsa owned by James Sage
Readers' Bikes: Terry Harradine's 1970 Major Nicholls Record
Classic Lightweight News: Edition 45. May-June 2013 has been published on the website