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Peter Southart with Pennine Cycles and Adorior Road Club

Posted: Tuesday 18th August 2020

Author: Peter Underwood

Adrian Thornton from New Zealand contacted me to tell that he was restoring a Pennine bike which had belonged to Peter Southart when he rode for Pennine Cycles in several classic events including the Tour of Britain and the Warsaw – Prague Race.  He also had several images of Peter competing in races.  These images are better than most af the day and we are composing a visual record of Peter’s career. Adrian has two blogs relating to New Zealand cycling history:

The Flying Wheel  –

Wolves of the Road (A history of New Zealand Six day Tours 1953-85)

Ted Redmond, Manchester Velo adds:

I have a couple of photos of Pete Southart, taken some time in the late 50s, which might interest you. My club at the time was Manchester Coureurs, now defunct, and we had an association with Pete through Irene Evans who was in the Coureurs. My clearest memory of those times is of riding a hilly route around the area of Algreave and Axe Edge, Coureurs versus Adorior, and we got well and truly whipped. But we were only kids then, and some of us are still riding in our 70’s. Going back to the dates, I was racing until I turned senior in 1955, raced a bit in 1956 then started taking photos of events, went to do my National Service in 1959. I know that Pete emigrated to New Zealand, don’t remember when, but it might narrow the time-scale to a couple of years.

Thanks for reading

Posted: Tuesday 18th August 2020

Author: Peter Underwood

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