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Lug Lining

Posted: Monday 21st September 2020

Author: Roger Langworth

I remember some time ago in Lightweight News you related that you had had trouble with lug lining. One of your suggestions at the time was to use a rigger (a fine brush with extra long bristles).  I don’t think you printed a follow-up saying whether you had great success with it. I wonder if my own experiences are of interest.

I have struggled with lug lining myself for quite a while. I’ve used a lining pen (available from art shops) which although easy to use and produces good quick results, is not permanent.  I’ve used Humbrol modellers enamel. Too sticky and if thinned is not opaque. I’ve used cellullose paint from an aerosol sprayed into the lid to form a pool to dip the brush in, but it dries too quick.  I’ve tried all the different brushes from waterclour size 000 to “riggers” and “swords”. Finally, I think I have found the solution.  It all comes down to the Paint.  It has to be opaque.  It has to be the consistency to flow without running, and it has to stay wet enough to wipe it off or adjust it.  The paint is Signwriter’s paint. Very expensive but worth every penny.  It was a revelation. Not only did the paint go where I directed it, I was also able to back track, stop and start at will, even in the middle without spoiling the line.

You could also easily wipe it off and repaint.  It was my first success,  and although not perfect it encourages me to try again.  I used a brush – sorry I did not get on with the rigger, it was OK for straight lines but I couldn’t handle it on the curves. I found the best brush was a watercolour size 0 although maybe a 00 for very fine lines. I also found that you need to keep the brush loaded, almost to the point where it is about to drip off the end of the brush.  Another aid for those whose hands are not as steady as they used to be is a “maul stick” which is simply a piece of wood about a foot long with a little mop of cotton on one end, which you use to brace your brush hand. I hope your readers find my experience useful. For information :- The paint I used was One-shot-enamel and I bought it on line from a company called Paints4u.

Thanks for reading

Posted: Monday 21st September 2020

Author: Roger Langworth

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