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Cycle threads

Posted: Monday 21st September 2020

Author: Alexander von Tutschek

CE Institute standard cycle threads and specials for single except where otherwise stated

Steering column1 1/8"26Oversize for Tandem
Steering column31/32"30
Steering column1"24Standard for early forks
Steering column1"26Chater-Lea and Raleigh
Bottom bracket shell and cups, also rear wheel sprocket1.370"24 L and R
Bottom bracket specials1.376"26 L and RRaleigh bracket
Bottom bracket specials1.450"26 L and RChater-Lea and Tandem
Pedal Spindle crank end9/16"20 L and R
Pedal Spindle crank end5/16"26
Front Wheel Spindle5/16"26
Front Wheel Spindle3/8"26
Rear Lock Ring for SPKT1.290"24 Left-hand
Clamp bolts for seat pillar5/16"26
Clamp Bolts for head clip3/8"26Tandem
Clamp Bolts for handlebar5/16"26
Clamp Bolt for alloy handlebar1/4"26
Cotter Pins17/64" and 1/4"26
Chain adjusters & Brake screws3/16"32
Saddle clip bolts5/16"18
Saddle Tension bolts3/8"20
Tricycle saddle bolts7/16"14
Chater-Lea Chainwheel screw17/64"15Only used by Chater-Lea
Standard Chainwheel screw3/16"32
Sturmey Archer rear axle0.4"26
Spoke Sizes. SWG No:cut / rolled thread
Spoke sizes. SWG No: 170.05662 56
Spoke sizes. SWG No: 160.06462 56
Spoke sizes. SWG No: 150.07262 56
Spoke sizes. SWG No: 140.08062 56
Spoke sizes. SWG No: 130.09256
Spoke sizes. SWG No: 120.10444
Thanks for reading

Posted: Monday 21st September 2020

Author: Alexander von Tutschek

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