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Jim Case - pictorial reminiscences from 1948 - 1949

Posted: Friday 21st August 2020

Author: Jim Case

Jim Case rode in the East London CC during 1948/9:

When I was not racing on Sundays I would be riding with East London CC, on occasions with hard riders Harry Burville, Clive Parker, Dennis Talbot. etc. from the Paris team (and would I suffer).

During the week we rode evenings. On Mondays I would ride to the cyclists’ hang-out at the Alfa cafe in Epping Road. How the owners put up with the noise I don’t know. Tuesdays were usually the same.

On Wednesday we would meet up at Little Heath on Southend Road and do a hard training ride Dave Robinson would be with us – I went to school with him. We would again finish at the Alfa cafe. We called a hill near Epping ‘the wall’ because it was one in four!

On Thursday we were back to the Alfa cafe and usually took a ride to another cafe in Potters Street, which was another cyclists favourite not far from Matching Green. Afterwards, there would be a blind back to the Alfa cafe.

Friday, I believe, we went to a club house at Upshire Good Intent near to the Wake Arms off Epping Road. We had a set of rollers there (Dennis Talbot could confirm). On Saturdays we would have a tour of bike shops in the area.

In November 1949 I was called-up  for National Service.  After three months basic training at Padgate and six months trade school at Melksham this was the end of my cycling.

Jim now lives in Australia and would like to contact any of his old cycling friends.

Thanks for reading

Posted: Friday 21st August 2020

Author: Jim Case

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