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Rondinella track - 1974 (2)

Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2020

Owned By: Rina Brown

The Rondinella tandem was purchased by a friend of mine, Arthur Bouchard in 1978 and was equipped with Campag Super Record fittings and a 66 tooth chainring. Arthur had to be patient as Vic Edwards explained that the machine was needed for the Earls Court Cycle Exhibition and then the Paris Cycle Show so it wasn’t available for quite some weeks after it was built.  However, starting with the next racing season Arthur knew he’d got a winner and over the next nine years he won many races on this machine. Some of which were faster than his records but were in private club trials.

Two of the first age-related Vets records he broke were with Stan Broom who, although very small, was quite a strong rider.  In 1984 they did 53.38 for a 25 aged 52 and the following year a 1.05.28 for 30 miles. His next partner was myself and together we managed to break the following records. On 6th of June 1991 a 21.19 for 10 miles, on the 23rd June a 56.59 in the Tandem Club 25 aged 59.  In the same year we did a 1.05.48 for 30 miles. This record still stands today

Rina stoking to good effect at the Tandem Club 25 on the E11 in 1991.

In 1997 Arthur retired from racing and sold the tandem to me and my new partner was Derek Taylor and together we managed to break 3 national records the 50 mile one of 2.03.09 aged 69 years.  So now this fantastic short wheelbase machine has gone to new and younger riders let’s hope it carries on going as fast as it did in the past.

For the subsequent history of this tandem visit:   Classic Frame Builders > Rondinella

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Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2020

Owned By: Rina Brown

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