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Paris Tour de France 1949

Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2020

Owned By: Eric Sayliss

Frame Paris 'Tour de France - Seat tube 21½" C T Top. Top tube 22½" C T C. Braze-ons: All Brake and Gear cable eyes. Front and rear fittings for an Osgear including a non-standard Super Champion boss for the gear change lever and back plate. It has been suggested that this part could have been made by Percy Stallard, who made a cable adjuster for that gear and used an Osgear himself
WheelsGnutti Export hubs with sprint rims and Victoria tuulars
ChainsetDuprat Professional Record with double Simplex rings 49 / 46.
GearsSuper Champion Osgear Professional 4 - Huret front changer
BrakesLe Roi Grimpeur G Bartali brake levers, Lam Super Dural stirrups
Stem/BarsSteel Titan 8cm with S Maes / M Kint 42cm handlebars
SaddleBrooks Professional
Extra DetailsI bought it off the original owner a number of years ago in very poor condition. I had it re-enamelled and built it with parts as per the Rensch catalogue as near as I could get; Pelissier flint-catchers; Bluemels 18" Alloy & adapter to fit frame. C02 cartridge pump.
Above is an image of the drive train on Eric's Paris. A four-speed Osgear mounted on a braze-on fitting. The Osgear is the version with a de-tensioner cable which can be seen going over the bottom Bracket. On this version the cable has a nipple at the bottom where it clips to the tension arm and then travels through a piece of 'floating' outer cable to the outer part of the down-tube lever, where is is secured by a bolt.
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Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2020

Owned By: Eric Sayliss

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