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Mercian (Tom Crowther) - 1958

Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2020

Owned By: Simon Penfold

Frame1958 Tom Crowther Mercian - Frame No: 58481; seat tube 22¾", Reynolds 531 DB tubing, 39" wheelbase, 10½" bottom bracket height
WheelsFiamme Red Label 700 sprints on Airlite large-flange hubs 32/40
ChainsetStronglight cranks with TA 50T ring
PedalsShown with Lyotard Faucheux, usually Chater-Lea Sprints with GB toeclips
GearsSingle-speed fixed with 17T sprocket
BrakesGB Superhood lever with Weinmann 500 caliper
Stem/Bars Titan stem with GB bars
SaddleBrooks B17 Champion Flyer with Reynolds seatpost
Extra detailsThis 1958 Mercian was made for Tom Crowther. It has been suggested to me that this may be the earliest example of what was to become Mercians Superlight lugset.The bike is in original, very good condition. I don't think it had the chainset pictured originally, I have a photograph of it being ridden by its second owner (Ron Owen), and it looks to have a continental looking set, perhaps Gnutti. The wheels were also different having 28 hole Airlite LF mated to very slim Fiamme rims; I have these but as I am no lightweight I had the current wheels made up.
Thanks for reading

Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2020

Owned By: Simon Penfold

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