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Hobbs Super Course - 1949

Posted: Thursday 13th August 2020

Owned By: Peter Lowry

FrameHobbs Super Course 1949 Frame No. A9170; Seat tube 23", Top tube 22¾", wheelbase 41", bracket height 10¾, head angle 73°, seat angle 71°.
Wheels27" Conloy 'Asp', Harden 'Bacon Slicer' in front wheel with GB wingnuts
ChainsetChater-Lea 46T ring fitted to round cranks
PedalsLytaloy, fitted with Constrictor toeclips and Binda straps
GearsSturmey-Archer FM fitted with 20T sprocket, giving 41.5", 53.3", 62.1", and 69.8" gears
Stem/Bars4" Titan with Reynolds 'Pellisier' bars
SaddleBrookes B17. 'Swallow' fitted with a Vittoria tub carrier
Extra detailsI bought this frame off eBay and the seller advertised this frame as a 'Criterium' model, but the 'Criterium' has a 1 1/8" top tube, this frame hasn't! Mervyn Cook, the previous Marque M.E. and I scoured the 1940's brochure and in the 1949 copy it described the 'Super Course' as having ". distinctive contrast colour "peak" panelling to head and seat tubes and hand lining throughout." So, we decided that it was probably a 'Super Course'! Some two or three months later I decided it was time to build the frame up and as I took it off the wall a piece of paper fell out of the seat tube and fluttered to the ground, it was very greasy and very stained, but, lo and behold it was the workshop job sheet!!! It was made out to a Mr. Bradbury, to be painted blue flam. and 'Super Course' finish. Bingo!!! Mr. Bradbury paid £11 9s. 6d. for the frame and, by to-days standard, that is the equivalent of £911.50. There are various chips of paint missing but the paintwork is totally original and will remain so!.
Thanks for reading

Posted: Thursday 13th August 2020

Owned By: Peter Lowry

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