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Hetchins Magnum Bonum straight stay - 1962

Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2020

Owned By: Keith Hellon

FrameHetchins Magnum Opus 1950 frame number 503658: 24½" seat tube, 23" top tube, chainstays 17"
WheelsFiamme sprints with 'moped-like' 14 gauge straight spokes, the result of a misunderstanding with my wheel builder. In the middles are 3-piece LF Campag hubs, kept clean with hub brushes from a local bicycle shop. For rubber I am presently using Veloflex Arenbergs
ChainsetStronglight 49D cranks with a single 46T TA cyclo-cross ring.
PedalsLyotard 460
Gears1953 Campag Gran Sport. Campagnolo down tube lever mounted on the bars with a guide on the down tube boss. I wonder if the bosses are original or if they were brazed on when the paint was applied. If so, I wish they hadn't. The left hand boss sits ugly and unused.
BrakesGB Hindiminium
Stem/BarsH.R. Morris, lugged steel with built-in brake levers, made for his daughter's machine, obtained from AVT, and a ChaterLea headclip, supplied with the frame. Handlebar grips are Shockstop repros obtained from Hilary Stone.
Saddle2012 Brooks Flyer, which replaced a 1970s Professional following a 60 mile ride and then 3 days of soreness. With upright bars a saddle with springs is good. The 1949 Brooks Champion B15 Standard that came with the frame was literally a pain in the arse. The Campag Record 2-bolt seatpost came with the frame, too, which is fortunate as to me its infinite adjustability makes it the best seatpost ever.
Extra detailsNorth Street Carradice double-flap Camper, also from AVT, supported by a Bantel rack. Mudguards are Bluemels Lightweights, the bell is a 1970s Regina with a beautiful tone.
Thanks for reading

Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2020

Owned By: Keith Hellon

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