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Fothergill - 1955

Posted: Thursday 13th August 2020

Owned By: James Fothergill of Liverpool (owned by Steve Chambers)

Frame21½" 531 butted tubing
WheelsSuzue forged l/f hubs; Ambrosio 700c rims (should be 26x1 1/4")
GearsSuntour/Shimano mix
BrakesGran Compe' side pull brakes with Dura-Ace levers
HeadsetNOS 50s headset
Extra detailsPump is the original Ad-Hoc

Details of a recently purchased James Fothergill of Liverpool.  The machine is as found and has few original components but may be worth including for it’s rarity and nice lugwork.  I purchased it off its original and only owner who had it built for himself in 1955.  He was so taken with the riding position and feel of his previous machine, an Armstrong Moth, that he had this built to exactly the same dimensions and angles. I have the original working drawing too. (He still has the ‘Moth’ which may yet come my way.)

It was resprayed by Bob Jackson’s in the 1970’s and fitted with original head/seat transfers.  The downtube script should be ‘fancier’ and is not of the original type. The original colour was all black frame with red head tube and two red bands approx 3″ deep on seat tube;  lugs were gold lined and it had double box lining.

Steve Chambers intends to rebuild it with period correct equipments as and when he can acquire it. He would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about James Fothergill Lightweight cycles and also would like to aquire correct transfers.  Steve Chambers 01246 209594  e-mail: cpotz(at)

Thanks for reading

Posted: Thursday 13th August 2020

Owned By: James Fothergill of Liverpool (owned by Steve Chambers)

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