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Claud Butler Jubilee - 1953 (upgraded 1958-60)

Posted: Wednesday 12th August 2020

Owned By: John Tighe

At the grand old age of 62 I decided to get out the old bike and stumbled on your web site, so I thought you may be slightly interested in what I have. My parents bought me a second-hand Claud Butler Jubilee Model for Christmas about 1957-58 from my mothers cousin, then it was just as new with 3 speed Cyclo Benelux gears.

I cherished the bike for many years and by about 1958-60 I had saved sixpences in a glass decanter until it was full, on emptying it I found I had about £44 which I spent on upgrading my bike so I re-built it to the following update:-

FrameClaud Butler Jubilee,frame number 5052 548; 23" seat tube; original finish
WheelsMilremo rims built on Fiamme Normandy large flange hubs (by George Evans)
ChainsetStronglight cotterless chainset with TA chainring
PedalsLyotard pedals with Patraud toe clips
GearsCampagnolo Record 5-speed rear
BrakesMafac Top 63 centre-pull
Stem/BarsGB Forged Hidiminium handlebar stem topped with TA cable plate with original bars (Maes)
SaddleBrooks B17 Swallow (original)
Extra detailsI still have the bri nylon top and my shoes with J Anouetil plates (see images below) which all still fit me today some 49 years on,
Thanks for reading

Posted: Wednesday 12th August 2020

Owned By: John Tighe

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