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Classic images from the 30s, 40s and 50s - Gallery 6

D Shorrock - Cleverly RC Riding Harry Quinn

E Price - Speedwell CC Riding Clive Stuart

A Jones - Bristol RC Riding Clive Stuart

James Albon competing on his E F Russ in the Eastern Counties 50 mile time-trial - 21 May, 1939

Ian Dean - Solihull CC Riding Major Nicholls

Studio image of A Theaker, grass-track champion of Lincolnshire (Mick Butler)

Nicolle Ansell sent this photo of her father A E P Backer (stoker left, aged 22 years) with H A Power after taking the ECRRA 100-mile Tandem record on 11 September, 1926 with a time of 4h 26m 17s. Her father went on to build and race motor-cycles and cars with some success under the name of Tony Bacca until WWII

Tough cycle tourists in West Norway c.1889 'Velocipedes on the Stalheim Climb' from Brian Redfern

C Helps National Sprint Champion 1936

W A Bevis and J Wisby listed to compete in a grass-track meet in Cambridge (Mick Butler)

L to R: Toni Merkens, Higgins, Dennis Horn

Jack Sibbitt and Ernie Chambers - Herne Hill

Sir Hubert Opperman BSA advert

A Vowells - San Fairy Ann CC Riding Holmes

Stan Miles Best All-Rounder 1935

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