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Classic images from the 30s, 40s and 50s - Gallery 3

Ralph Dougherty at speed in a 30s time trial. Note the 'fastback' rear triangle, single brake to front wheel, compulsory bell with rider dressed all in black including alpaca jacket Thanks to Dave Twitchett for these three images plus the three below

F A (Frank) Lipscombe, Ingleside CC, after winning North Road Memorial 50 in 2h 10m 37s on 10 July 1932. Note the single brake to rear wheel

Another view of racing in the 30s - this looks to be a longer event - note water bottle

Toni Merkens in German National Vest. These three images from 1936 Berlin Olympics from Mick Butler

A 30s scene from the Southend Wheelers 25-mile Time Trial Thanks to Cycling Weekly for permission to use these images

Above and left: Photos from D Twitchett

This 30s image was taken on A278 2 miles from Crawley, 7 from Cuckfield and 4 from Balcombe

Above: 2 Selbach trikes with left to right; Gordon Thomas : Southgate CC ? Rourke : Anfield B. C. Len Hill: Liverpool Century W.O, Jackson: Lancs Road Club Dave Scott: Warrington CC. Unknown Unknown Bert Whitbread: Withington Wheelers Right: Tom Hughes Palatine CC after End to End record of 93 hrs 55mins in 1929.

Another unknown rider but note the revolutionary 'cross' frame with tensioned cables in place of top tube, down tube, chain stays and seat stays. It seems that the cables are stressed by the use of bottlescrews. It is a Fletcher-Kain by Jimmy Kain, a founder of the BLRC and a noted trader in his day (Cyclist's Equipment Co at Ealing) and latterly a Chelsea Pensioner.

This is a Kettering Friendly Cycling Club Tuesday evening training session on the Wicksteed Park track at Kettering. John Tomlinson thinks the year was 1951. He is on 'pole position' with his Claud Butler. Next to him is Bob Hill being pushed by Bill Bulley and on the outside Cliff Hill, arriving late without his crash hat! Note the 'Bates' and the Harden 'Bacon Slicers' in the line up. Photo: John Tomlinson

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