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Classic images from the 30s, 40s and 50s - Gallery 2

Dennis Talbot at Herne Hill, ready to pounce on Reg Harris when he weakens. Right: Dennis Talbot and Clive Parker in 1947. Clive at 17 years had built his Galibier whilst working for his uncle 'Spanner' Rensch at Paris Cycles. These two were friends and trained together eventually both reaching the professional ranks.

Dennis Talbot again, here riding as a professional for Dayton Cycles in 1951. He is Riding a Dayton Elite with sprints on Airlite hubs, Simplex gears and Universal brakes.

Another image of K D Tubby, this time at Norwich ABC hillclimb, at Ringland hills, in October 1952 on Billy Rix's Gillott track bike without brakes. Billy went on to win the event. Note the clothing of the spectators who would have ridden to the event, some quite a distance - probably as a club run. The chap in the middle would have been drummed out from a Lightweight Group Ride as he is wearing jeans!

Another image of Ken Hogg stoking the tandem at speed in a time-trial. Ken explained that he was wearing football shorts and PE shirt, being an apprentice he wasn't able to afford proper cycling gear at that time.

Peter Underwood and Dickie Lines (1949) (King's Lynn CC) posing before riding a 12-hour the next day. Peter has a new Claud Butler, and Colin an Evelyn Hamilton. Both on fixed gear (about 79") ready for the event

A typical pre-war image, note the black Alpaca Jackets. Three from the Charlotteville CC at the finish of the Dragon RC 25 in 1940, left to right - George Nightingale (won it in 1.1.34), Freddie Wallman and Vic Jenner. These three won the team prize for Charlotteville. Machine is believed to be George's Baldock Information from Les Bowerman Image from AVT

Tommy Godwin at speed in the World Championships held in Paris 1947 riding a one-off frame built specially for him by Billy Gameson. In 1948 Godwin rode a BSA he built himself at the BSA works (Laurie Weeks) Image from AVT

K D Tubby, Norwich ABC with his 1947/8 Paris Tour de France after winning the Wixey Cup in July 1952. The shawl-neck collared jumper with club colours was the must-have item in the 50s

Billy Rix (1930-2005) of Norwich Amateur BC on 1951 Gillott at the 1952 Diss CC 25

East Anglian CC winning team in the NCU 25 Championship Michael Terrington, Peter Woodhouse and Terry Grint with Ephgrave

K D Tubby (see image above)in July 2003 with his Paris restored to original Thanks to K D Tubby for the images left and above

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