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Huret course competition special 1946

Posted: Friday 12th June 2020

Author: Phil Easton

Below are three images of the 1946 Huret Course Competition Special, the wording Special denoting with a two-wire control (operating and tensioning cables), and with the tensioning spring at the downtube control, rather than on the derailleur as on the Competition Standard model.

Downtube-mounted control consists of a longer derailleur control lever and a shorter tension control lever. The small tensioning lever makes operation a bit of a chore. It shifts okay over four gears, but needs a bit more tweaking before it will shift five.

The Brown Brothers Catalogue 1952 describes the gear:
‘Single roller type similar to the ‘Competition Standard’ model suitable for 3-, 4- or 5-speed free wheels 1/8″ or 3/32″ by adjustment. Specially adapted for racing by the addition of a chain tension lever incorporated into the change lever control. This gear is ideal with front derailleur and double chain wheel.’
The catalogue also states:
‘By using spacing washers each side of the tension roller, the cages are suitable for either 1/8″ or 3/32″ chain.’

The bike is a Bates 1946 BAR, which has a Lytaloy crankset fitted with the sturdier Holdsworth Allez ring, along with Cyclo Champion du Monde pedals. The bike also has Lytaloy brakes, BH Continental QR hubs, Fiamme red label rims, and Dugast tubs.

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Posted: Friday 12th June 2020

Author: Phil Easton

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