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Gillott, A S - Bronze-brazed frames

Posted: Monday 08th June 2020

Author: Details from the Lugless Frames page of the 1951 Gillott catalogue

Bronze-brazed frames

The Gillott bronze-brazed frame.

Combining utmost strength and rigidity with liveliness and good looks. It is in every detail the equal of a lugged frame.

A 1951 Gillott L'Atlantique Bronze-brazed frame showing the large diameter head tube and top tube as well as the neat brazing
The same frame showing neat seat cluster, this frame was supplied with the 'Reynolds' transfer to the rear of the seat tube and a 'Bonderised' transfer on the front

Special Gillott features which must be noted:
1. Larger diameter (1 5/16”) head tube giving added strength, larger mitres and a more symmetrical appearance.
2. Seat and down tubes are set apart on the bottom bracket shell for deep mitreing and neater brazing – again increased strength and rigidty.
3. Neat seat bolt arrangement with top of tube reinforced thereby avaoiding distortion and possible splitting.
4. 1â…›” top tube for increased rigidity.
5. Curved bridge with sleeve for brake bolt to prevent crushing.
6. Distinctive top eyes in keeping with the dignity of a Gillott product.
7. Reynolds 531 butted tubes, stays and blades throughout.

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