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The new Paris Galibier and Tour de France retro frames by Condor Cycles

The Paris Galibier was the most iconic bicycle design of the 1950’s. This most classic of lightweight bicycles was introduced by PARIS Cycles in 1947.  The Galibier has a unique style with single main strut frame, balanced by a pair of top tubes.  The lugless construction is embellished with handsome bi-laminations at the head and strut joints.  This then new and revolutionary design, thought to have originally been inspired by a French idea, aimed to eliminate ‘whip’ and yet, by allowing a certain elasticity that helped to absorb road shocks, give improved road holding.  The Galibier had an immediately enthusiastic following – one that has continued over the years.
Then in the early 1980’s Michael Kemp with Monty Young of Condor Cycles set up Paris Lightweight Cycle. Tom Board was then Condor’s frame builder and custom built an improved PARIS Galibier and the diamond pattern Champion du Monde frames between 1981 and 1987.  Now Condor Cycles have decided to re-introduce the PARIS Galibier as a custom frame built to order.

By Alvin Smith - Paris Marque Specialist

The complete machine as exhibited at the London Cycle Show
Condor Galibier 1 450
equipped with Campagnolo Record fixed-wheel components

Condor Galibier 2 220
Condor Galibier 4 200

Above, left and right:
Details and features of the new Galibier
Condor Galibier 4 220

New for 2009 - the Condor Paris Tour de France for the modern fixed wheel enthusiast

The Paris "Tour de France" recreated for the style conscious modern rider.  Frameset from £999.99
Custom builds available

Laser-cut laminates detail on Tour de France - frames built by hand in Italy