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Huret gears

Huret "Louison Bobet"

This Huret front and rear gear set-up is unusual in having the 'fore-and-aft' front changer and the 'Louison Bobet'' rear changer which has a second gear-control cable which will adjust the tension on the rear changer.   This enables the rider to apply extra tension to prevent the chain jumping the cogs or in the case of the speed-concious rider to reduce the tension to enable the chain to run through the gears with less friction.

Huret 2 - 500
 Huret 'Louison Bobet' 5-speed rear mech with double cable.  
Huret fore and aft rod operated front mech

Huret 1 - 350
Rear mech double-lever changer mounted on down-tube
Note double cables from stops on chainstay to changer'
it is rare to find a frame with the double braze-ons for these cables
Huret 3 - 313
Side view of front changer

Photos courtesy of Peter Lowry