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The Hetchins name is probably the best known in the history of classic lightweights, even non-afficionados are able to quote the name and tell you about the fancy lugs and curly stays. For this reason there are probably more restored Hetchins than any other make of lightweight: such a frame dumped in a skip would be rescued probably within minutes and then passed on to someone for restoration.  

 The company was started by Hyman Hetchin in the early 1930s in the East End of London and he was later joined by Jack Denny who was the exponent of the vibrant rear triangle - Hyman immediately saw the marketing value of such an idea.  Hetchins soon became synonimous with extremely elaborate lugwok and of course the 'curly' rear ends which made the frame unmissable even from a distance.  This was very convenient in the era when any photograph of a machine which showed the makers name could result in the disqualification of the rider.    As Hetchins were known to help top riders with equipment this meant that they got very good value for their money.

It would be superfluous for us to provide pages of information on Hetchins in this site as the marque has one of the best sites imaginable:  www.hetchins.org   We doubt if there is anything known about the marque which is not on this site so we will eat humble pie and suggest you start to navigate the site - allow plenty of time!

For a taster though, here is an image for an advert for Hetchins 'Lugs of Distinction'

Hetchins Advert

There are several interesting examples of Hetchins machines listed in Readers' Bikes.