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Classic images from the 30s, 40s and 50s

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John Yates 1s
Bill Thorncroft [ Brentford RC ] on his 1952 Ephgrave Italia No LE 1918 with a SA 3-speed close ratio gear. Indeed the frame was built for a SA with a stop on the top tube for the outer cable from the trigger and a brazed on boss for the pulley - both very neat.
Bill seen here doing 430 miles on it in the 1953 Catford 24. Bill recently had his 85 birthday and is still riding a rather nice Magnum Opus.
John Yates 3s
The Italia now owned by John Yates  and set up with FM rear hub, Racelite front on 26" Weinmann rims,  Williams B109 chainset, Weinmann brakes with Lytaloy levers, GB bars on Titan stem, Swallow saddle. When the pic was taken it had mudguards [Blumells of course] and a B17 narrow saddle
John Yates 2s

Bill Thorncroft, this time in the 
Romford Wh 25 on 04/07/1948 on the Southend Road. Bill did a 1.06 and the winner was George Fell in 59-15. People like John who rode this course two or three decades later will marvel at the position of the officials and the lack of vehicles  for 'drag'!

Clive Parker 1
Clive Parker at age 17 leads the 1948 BLRC National Junior Champs.
In the Dennis Talbot interview  he says Clive built his own Galibier at Paris Cycles so we presume this is it.   We don't know other riders but note that the next four are all on Osgears!
Photo - Courtesy of Bob Drake   
Dave Bedwell S
Here is a very young Dave Bedwell on Grasstrack which must be around 1947 We don't know where it was taken but Dave rode grasstrack at Dagenham around this time.
Rory O`Brien is holding Dave at the start so he is probably riding a R O'B machine

Photo - Bob Drake
Bob Aris S
Bob Aris, Romford RC.in 1947.He is riding a Belgian `Cocquet`  frame

Vic Gibbons S
Brentwood R C - 13.9.1949
ECCA 25m TT - Southend Arterial Rd
Thornycroft - Vic Gibbons - Haxell
Photo: Bob Drake
George Fell S
Becontree Wheelers c.1949
Clarke - George Fell - Eshouse
Photo: Bob Drake

Right: Eric Madgett (Madgett's Cycles, Diss) racing late 40s/early 50s.  His son Mick can't identify the machine from the image in spite of the 'Russ' style forks - any ideas?
Eric Madgett 220

CB Tandem 1
R A Emmerson and R E Cook
Claud Butler tandem, April 1937
Old Portlians Tandem 50-mile
Selbach Frome 2
C.Harrell in a 1957 Inter Club 25. Frome Wheelers & Trowbridge CC. Note the rare quick release mechanisms, as kids we called these Selbachs as they always seemed to be fitted to his frames but they are more likely Constrictors.
Photo: Mick Butler
Hetchins Mountain King 1
An image of the rare Hetchins Mountain King, the owner/rider is John Kitchen, aged 17 in 1965 (when the photograph was taken) and he is seen racing across Saddleworth Moor.

Photo: Mick Butler

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