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Drillium Images - page 2 

Author Peter Underwood

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Until we started the pages on Drillium I never realised so many collectors had beautifully restored time-trial machines from the 1970s complete with drilled components, some proprietary others home-drilled.

Starting this second page we have an interesting c.1976 Hetchins Criterium Keyhole submitted by its owner, Flash, the editor/webmaster of the Hetchins website.


The lugs on this Southend built 'Keyhole' are 'plain spearpont drilled out  as shown above.
The Campagnolo down tube levers are also milled out by Flash for that racy look.
Drilled brake levers are Super Record.

Another view showing the front of the head lugs plus a good view of the milled-out lever.

Campagnolo chainset with drilled outer ring and milled-out (by Flash) front of the clamp-on derailleur.

Nuovo Record rear changer milled out by Flash.

Even the humble sprocket wasn't safe from drill mania as the image below shows:

The 17T top-left with a single line of drilling whereas the 21T TDC sprocket has ample room for double drilling.
The above are owned by Alex Von Tutschek who tells us that Ray Booty drilled the sprocket on his sub-four-hour
100-mile time trial machine and then had it annealed and re-hardened at his place of work.

Four images shown below of drilling/lightening features on Peter Kohler's Ellis Briggs 'Favori' time trial machine:

Campagnolo stirrup with milling done by Campagnolo - originally from a c.1978 Olmo

Brake lever with work done by unknown driller

Chainring lightening includes drilling on every tooth plus milling and drilling

SR produced the 'drilling' on the ferrule - stem is milled for lightness

The complete machine - a time trial classic of its era

A piece of 'drillium' never seen once fitted  - Campagnolo head race

Below are three rare Colnago pantographed components all 1973 era
from John Murray, Queensland, Australia

Campagnolo brake levers (1973), drilled plus Colnago logo and World Championship pantograph

Genuine Cinelli stem (1973) with Colnago logo, Colnago script  plus World Championship colours
Similar Cinelli stems are often pantographed to increase their value


Campagnolo twin-bolt seat pin with pantographed logo and milling in World Championship colours complete the set
on John's Colnago



Above: Two images of 1980s ITM  stem and Superleggero bars with 'third generation' pantograph as supplied by Colnago

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