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Dacon hub-derailleur converter

Author Bill Ives

The Dacon converter is a driver which replaces the Sturmey Archer driver and dust cover. It takes Suntour New Winner sprockets so there is a good range of potential sizes. It will take three sprockets with a standard axle and four sprockets with a long axle. There is a piece about the Dacon in Tony Hadland's Sturmey book in which he implies it was in production in 1985.
Below are three images of the Dacon converter with three-speed set-up
Dacon 1 SAturmey-derailleur
Dacon 2 Sturmey-derailleur
Dacon 3 Sturmey-derailleur

Dacon 4 Sturmeny-derailleur
Details of 3-speed conversion
Dacon 5 Sturmey-derailleur
Details of 4-speed conversion

For more information on hybrid hub derailleur gears see Bob Damper's Cyclo Sturmey/derailleur conversion