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Head badges

Compiled by Peter Underwood 

Some time ago now, it was suggested by Peter Brown that I display some images of the headbadges which we held on file.  Since we first uploaded the page they have flooded in and this has created quite an archive.  One journalist researcher wondered why there were so many 'heraldic' badges, I assumed that the badge suppliers had 'stock' designs which were modified to suit the builder.  Some took their local coat-of-arms.    I realised that some builders formed around 1948 used the 'Olympic' theme to commemorate the Olympics held in London that year.

Straight away I will apologise for the image quality, in some cases such as the 'early Claud Butler' this as good as it gets as it is a very rare badge.  

It is very hard to get good images of badges on bikes and most of these are cropped from shots depicting the head tube and lugs when originally taken. Some images are small and are reserving a space until I find a larger version. Some are very wide - these are flat transfers or drawings. Some are reproduction transfers, some originals. If you have a better example of what we show, or if you have something we don't have, please forward an image to me as a .jpg and I can replace the weaker image. This page may help those trying to identify a frame with an incomplete badge, whilst not ideal as copy for reproduction of a transfer, they could give some idea of the layout and colours. As I can't remember where all of the badges came from I won't attempt to acknowledge them. If they are yours and you could send in a better version for this page please do so in order to improve the stock.

Badges are displayed alphabetically:
Page One    
  Allin to Hayson
Page Two       Hetchins to Paris
Page Three    Parkes to Willer
Page Four      Brooches, down tube transfers and component badges 

Badge early Allin 250
Early metal Allin
Badge Allin 250
Allin Cycles
Badge Argyle 250
Argyle Cycles Ltd
Badge Armstrong 250

Badge Atkins 250
John Atkins
Badge Barnard 250
P Barnard
Bates Badge 250
1939 Bates

J. Berry - early
badge berry 2 - 250
J Berry - later version
Badge Bianchi 250
Early Bianchi
Badge Bianchi 250
Badge Boult 250
A E Boult

Brookes badge 250L H Brookes Badge Broome 250
Jim Broome
Badge Briggs 250
Ellis Briggs
Badge Bryars 250
Owen Bryars
Badge BSA 250

Badge Carpenter 250
Badge Chapman 250
G V Chapman
Badge Cinelli 250

Badge CB early
Early Claud Butler
Badge C B 250
Claud Butler
Badge Condor 250
Condor - early
Badge Condor 250 - 2
Badge cooke 250
Joe Cooke

badge Cooper 250
J J Cooper
Badge Coppi 250
Badge Dawes 250
Dawes 1960
Badge Davey 250
Dave Davey
Fred Dean

Badge Denison 250
Badge Dickinson 250
Badge Duckett 250
Badge Duckett Elite
Duckett Elite pre-war 1922-32
but seen on some post-war

Badge Duke 250
Duke 20th Century
E J Cycles
E J Cycles
Ellis Briggs Favori 250
Ellis Briggs Favouri

Badge Ephgrave transfer
Early Ephgrave head transfer
Badge Ephgrave 250
Ephgrave alloy head badge
Badge Excel 250

Badge Flying Scot 250 - 2
Flying Scot

Badge Flying Scot 250
Scot/Flying Scot

Badge Flying Scot Metal 250
Flying Scot metal
Badge Flying Scot early
Flying Scot
Early version

Badge Fothergill 250
J Fothergill
Badge Fols 200
F W Folds
badge frontiera 250
(Border Cycles)

Badge Frejus 250
Frejus 1952
Badge Frejus 200Frejus 1954 Badge Frejus

Frejus 1955
Badge Gameson 250
Badge Gerrard 250
Ted Gerrard

Badge Gillott 250 - 1
brass with glass enamelling early mid-late forties
Badge Gillott 250 - 2
cast-alloy painted early/mid fifties
Badge Gillott 250 - 3
Last version pressed alloy
Badge Granby 250
Badge Granby 250
Granby transfer

Badge Walter Greaves 250
Walter Greaves 'La Prime'
Badge Green 250
H E Green
Badge Grubb 250 - 2
F H Grubb
Early Grubb Badge 250 F H Grubb-1946

Badge Grubb 250
F H Grubb
Evelyn Hamilton
Badge Hanlon 250
Pat Hanlon

Badge Harris 250
Reg Harris Cycles
Badge Harris Worksop
Reg Harris Worksop

Badge Hayson 250 Hayson c.1936