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Mercian information 1956/58/60

Posted by Peter Underwood

Below are two advertisments from 1958 (left) and 1960 (right), and below these (bottom left) is an advertisment from Autumn 1956. They are reproduced from 'Coureur - The Sporting Cyclist' and give a good impression of which machines were available during this period.   The 'super Vigorelli' (sic) had been advertised for several years but the implication here is that the 'new Vigorelli' has been refined to save some weight and has the seat stays probably 'shot-in' at the seat cluster.  The 1960 'Olympique' had a special seat tube transfer showing a runner carrying the Olympic torch(see image below).

Mercian 58s
Mercian 60s

Mercian 56s

Mercian DK 5-220

Above: An image of the Vigorelli
seat cluster as built in 1954

Right: Special seat tube transfer as used on the 1960 Olympique

Left: As Advertised in Autumn 1956
The King of Mercia massed-start frame
Olympique 1

Mercian AVT 1

Left: is an image of the 'new' super Vigorelli seat cluster to compare with the 1954 'old' version shown above.  This is of a 1958 frame which was built for the then owner (Dave Keeler) of the 1954 one shown above.  The two machines were equipped with Campagnolo Paris/Roubaix gears and used for time-trials and record breaking.

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