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Rotrax Super Course - 1949

Rotrax Super Course 1

Frame Rotrax Super Course - Frame No. 49409 - 25" seat tube' 24” top tube; round forks - road rear ends - mudguard eyes - pump pegs on down tube - 17" chainstays - 42" wheelbase -  top of seat stays ‘sculpted’. Finished Dark green with contrasting seat panel and bands, chrome head lugs, fork crown and fork ends.  Also chrome rear ends.
Wheels 27" Conloy HP rims on Airlite large-flange hubs
Chainset Chater-Lea 3-arm with round cranks. 
Pedals Lyotard Facheaux
Gears Osgear 4-speed with de-tensioner lever and modified jockey wheel
Brakes GB Hiduminium stirrups plus early GB levers with adjusters in the top of the hoods
Stem/Bars GB alloy spearpoint stem with early GB alloy Maes bars with engraved ferrule
Saddle Brooks Swallow

Below: Two views of the Osgear tension arm with de-tensioner cable which runs through a short 'free-floating' silver outer cable. On this set-up the outer cable is held in a clip on the tension arm bracket.
Riders of this era used to modify the jockey wheel on the tension arm by using the Cyclo version as here.
Rotrax Super Course 2
Rotrax Super Course 3
Rotrax Super Course 4
Left and Right:
Views of the early Super Course head lugs. Later versions had triangles cut into the front-facing spearpoint.

Rotrax Super Course 6
Above: Osgear lever with additional de-tensioner cable control

Rotrax Super Course 5
Rotrax Supercourse 7
GB Spearpoint alloy stem and early GB Maes bars with ferrule engraved 'Type Maes' on left and
 'GB England' on right
Rotrax Supercourse 8
Early GB levers with brass cable adjuster in the top of the hood, which is slightly darker in colour than the lever